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George Koo - Founder

On the year 2009 we hired the first employee and started working from my apartment's living room. By the year 2012 we officially registered the company Infinitum Technology. On 2016 we registered a branch in Mainland China to provide better support in this location.

Nowadays we host thousands of websites. At the same time, cooperate with Worldwide recognized brands like Sony, AirBnB, Morgan Stanley, Aeroflot, the University of Hong Kong, etc.

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Since 2009 we are offering top of the class technology related services to small and medium enterprises as well individuals from China and abroad.

Web Hosting

Yes, we know you have many options. However, how many of the big companies are there for you all the way until everything is working just the way you need it?

Web Development

First impressions are important. For your Business, your website most likely will be your client's first point of contact. So make a great impression with a nice website!


Having a website is just the first step. The most important thing is to be able to rank high on organic search results from important search engines like Google and Baidu.


We work with industry leaders to bring the blockchain technology and related products to the hands of the average users for mass implementation and understanding.

We are always looking for new talented individuals.

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